Pilkington Imaging commercial photography in Sheffield, Doncaster and across Yorkshire


I am starting a blog for Pilkington Imaging which is a premium commercial photography in Sheffield, Doncaster and Yorkshire. I hope you enjoy looking at great photographs or learning what Pilkington Imaging does as a business.

I will start with an image which is what Pilkington Imaging does best, premium product photography. It a white background still life image of a gaming headset, one thing which makes the image premium is the lighting control used to enhance the look of the product. This is created by using carefully positioned reflectors and studio flash heads very close to the product itself. Other studio flashes are used to light the background.

Once the lighting has been perfected and the correct exposure has been worked out, then its just a matter of pressing the shutter and the shot is finished, well the first step is finished, next the image is processed and uploaded into Photoshop where the magic happens, the post-production of the images improves the look of the image greatly. The image is cut out so the background is an even white, the levels are checked and any blemishes are removed. This image has had a lot to tweaks to the top of what is the head band, it has provided with a smooth and consistent look which helps make the product look slick and stylish.

I hope you like reading about product photography as I have a lot more images to show and to talk about. Until next time.