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My name is Phillip Pilkington, welcome to my wedding photography website Pilkington Imagaing

About me.

My photography journey started back in 2001, I had finished high school and I wasn’t sure which college course was the right one for me. I wanted to study a mixture of different subjects and I wanted to learn something fun.

I started on a multi-media course which had aspects of photography as part of my studies, I quality realised that photography was the area I wanted to specialise in and I was able to swap over to study photography full time. I completed my college course and went on to further education, I started my degree in photography in 2003 at Blackpool & the Fylde college. 

The photography degree course at Blackpool is very well recognised in the industry and is the longest standing photography degree course in the UK. The experience was priceless and the skills are learned had already given my the edge over other photographers, I had developed my own photography style, learned how to tell a story when capturing an event such as weddings. High level technical ability is one of my specialities, I was already a well rounded photographer when I graduated back in 2006. 

For the next 3 years I assisted other photographers in Manchester and around the Northwest, learning from other professionals and gaining more experience which would come to be useful in my later role as a Professional Photographer.

After learning all I could from the photography industry it was time to make the big step of becoming a Photographer, I had learned so much in the previous 8 years of training and started to offer wedding couples excellent photography along with great value wedding photography.    

I married my wife in 2016 which is a surprisingly important aspect that wedding couples look for from their wedding photographer. Knowing that their photographer has had the experience that they are going through and understands them and their needs. 

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  • Silver

    Silver Package

    The Silver package comes with 4 hours of wedding photography, 8 hours of post-production work on images after your wedding. 200 – 300 images as digital copies (2000 pixels longest edge).


  • Gold

    Gold Package

    The Gold package comes with 8 hours of wedding photography, 16 hours of post-production work on images after your wedding, 400-500 images as digital copies (2200 pixels longest edge).


  • Platinum

    Platinum Package

    The Platinum package comes with around 10-12 hours of wedding photography,  24 hours of post-production work on images after your wedding. 600-800 images as digital copies (3000 pixels longest edge).

    Cost £1200

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